La Fontaine: Are They Really Friends?

La Fontaine: Are They Really Friends?

Tadele Roba and Birhanu Tezera: Together they have produced several albums; they have performed on so many concerts, they have preached friendship, and still they are pretending of being friends. But are they really on the same track? The answer is absolutely no. They don’t even have a new track together since 2004.

Birhanu Tezera did three hit songs (Yambule, Ele Aba & Selam Yager Sew) without Tadele in one of them. Tadele on the other hand did two hit songs (Bati Ena Blues & Agabouyo) without even informing Birhanu.

They didn’t invite each other to appear on their music videos as well.

Every time one of them releases a new song, one has to tune his radio to listen the new effort.

Currently both are working on their own albums.

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