NO Amharic! in Haile Gerima’s House


Haile Gerima was here in Addis to premiere his recent movie ‘Teza’. He always come here for filmmaking reasons. During his stay here he usually makes himself available for the local media and speaks loudly about Ethiopian/Black culture.


He always bombards the youth for being in identity crises. He insults local filmmakers who are doing their best without any help from himself and his peers. In fact local filmmakers have created almost a film industry during the last 14 years while he was making his latest film Teza.


His recent trip to Ethiopia was different, this time he was challenged by the youth and the media both professionally and ideologically.


The man who proudly claimed that he was raised drinking ‘Tela’ and eating ‘Kolo’ unlike the current generation has accused Ethiopian youth for being extravagant on ‘Makiyato’ and ‘Deodorant’.


Haile who is also very outspoken about culture has faced a disaster question from local magazine which was about his kids.


Finally he was forced to confess that his kids can’t speak Amharic. The man who pretends to be great teacher and ambassador of Ethiopian culture is not even good teacher at his own home.




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